Frequently Asked Questions


Please consult this page if you are unsure about something, we love hearing from our customers, but chances are the thing you’re wondering about is covered here.
  • Does this work on _______?
    • The answer to your question is on the product page.  If it’s not there, it doesn’t work.
  • Will you ship to Canada?
    • We do not ship to Canada, but we sell to Aztech Armory, who ships to Canada.
  • Will you ship to other countries?
    • Maybe some day, but not now.
  • When will ______ be back in stock?
    • If you put your email in the “notify me” box on the product page, you will get a notification the moment they come back in stock.  We do not put dates on anything, when they’re in stock, they’re in stock.
  • Is it “Jawbone” or “Jawbone Tactical”?
    • Just Jawbone. 
  • Do you have dealer pricing?
    • No.  We may in the future.