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The Sig Sauer P365 with XL Grip Module

P365 with P365 XL Grip Module

In this post we explore the optimal P365 setup using all Sig Sauer OEM parts. I went stock for this one so far but I have been eying @ripandtear_’s P365 Holosun 507K setup and might need an optics upgrade in the future.

The P365 hybrid or P365 X-Carry gives the best balance when it comes to concealablity, capacity and ergonomics.


The overall footprint of the P365 with the P365 XL grip module is smaller than most photos would have you believe. Here are a few pictures of the P365 compared to my long time EDC favorite, the P938.

P938 vs P365 with XL Grip Module

The P365 X is slightly larger than my P938 Nightmare with the 7 round magazine (which I still love).


The P365 with the P365XL grip module holds 12+1 with the flush fit mags and 15+1 with the extended mags.

P938 P365 Width Comparison

My preference is the flush fit 12 round magazine. It looks better and it feels right. Considering 7+1 or 8+1 was the previous reference standard for a micro since the M&P Shield came out in 2012, I do not feel under capacity at a comfortable 12+1. And if I did, I would upgrade to a compact size firearm.

Sig P365 with XL Grip Module Jawbone 2

If you already carry the P365 with the 12 round magazines then you will like having the XL grip module. I personally do not like making a small gun larger by adding extended magazine sleeves. They defeat the purpose of a smaller firearm and make the entire setup look cheap in comparison to the flush fit.


No Glock 26 pinky hanging off subcompact grip.

For the record, there is nothing wrong with firearms that do not accommodate the pinky and those models pint less when concealed. I have many that do not have pinky support and I shoot them well. However, the dangling pinky is not my preference if I have a choice.

I have small hands and the 365 XL grip module fits like it was tailor made for me. With this setup, I can reload without having to roll my pinky out of the way.


For my money, the Sig P365 with the P365 XL grip module and flat faced trigger make the optimal EDC.

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