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Wilson Combat P365 XL Grip Module

New Grip On The EDC

Last month Wilson Combat released their P365 Grip Modules. Their P320 grip module is a huge win and my EDC is a P365 with the Sig OEM XL Grip. For $65, I figured why not? Let’s give that a shot.

Firearm Setups and Mods

Two Mods That Make The P320 Not Suck


I’m a big fan of full size 9mm handguns. If it’s a range gun, OWB or an off-body defensive piece I prefer full size. I like the longer sight radius, extra weight, extra grip, extra velocity, higher capacity and less muzzle flip. Full size pistols usually look better to me with full sized lights. If you already own a compact, you might want to add a full size to your inventory. Your mileage may vary.

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My P320 Evolution

I ignored the P320 for a long time.  Having shot someone’s stock P320 Compact years ago, I found that it combined the bad from the P229 (high bore axis, bulky weird grip) with the bad from Glock (shit trigger).  That was enough for me to ignore it for several years, while it started to catch on in a big way here in the US.

I really started paying attention again when I saw the potential that the design has.  Using the serialized guts, companies were starting to come out with some awesome gadgets like chassis to make PDW style guns, different slides and frames, things like that.  I realized that it would be a valuable firearm to have, because you could swap the FCU out and make pretty much anything you wanted.  I continued to ignore it, however, as I was happy with my P229 and my M&P 2.0.

Then I got the P365, and immediately swapped out the small frame for the XL frame.  I was convinced, this is an awesome concept.  You can get parts shipped to your door and make whatever the hell you want.  I decided I had to have a P320 as well.

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Ruger PC Carbine vs AR9

Pistol Caliber Carbines

I want to start off by saying I like PCCs. I’ve built a few and also have some solid stock setups, all with high round counts. In this post I want to focus on realistically stacking up the Ruger PC Carbine next to AR9’s in the same price range via characteristics.

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We can argue all day about whether or not a pump shotgun is a viable weapon for home defense, but for the purposes of this article, let’s just assume that it is. There is no argument however, that a well-placed shot with the correct load will have devastating effect on a would-be dirtbag trying to take your life, belongings, or precious virginity.

Firearm Setups and Mods

The Sig Sauer P365 with XL Grip Module

P365 with P365 XL Grip Module

In this post we explore the optimal P365 setup using all Sig Sauer OEM parts. I went stock for this one so far but I have been eying @ripandtear_’s P365 Holosun 507K setup and might need an optics upgrade in the future.

The P365 hybrid or P365 X-Carry gives the best balance when it comes to concealablity, capacity and ergonomics.


Ammo Shortage 2020 Has You Considering Reloading

Reloading Advantages

Since the dumpster fire that is 2020 started, reloading became top of mind for most gun owners.

If you already load and were lucky enough to get the components needed to press (or already had them on hand), you are probably feeling pretty good about now.  

Firearm Setups and Mods




OR :


My first time shooting a pistol with an MRDS (Micro Red Dot Sight) was a Kimber TLE-RL2 with a dovetail mounted Leupold Deltapoint Pro. It was neat, but after a couple hundred rounds of not really being able to consistently find the dot, the dovetail mount just not really working, and getting slower presentations than I was used to, I gave up. I thought: “Maybe this just isn’t for me”.

Firearm Setups and Mods

RUGER PC Charger Setup

Jawbone Drop-In Mag Release 2

This post will cover the accessories we chose to complete the base Ruger PC Charger Jawbone style.

Two Main Reasons To Like The Ruger PC Charger

The Ruger PC Carbine is one of the most affordable and practical pistol caliber carbines (PCC) on the market. If you grew up shooting a 10/22 and an 870 you’ll probably love this gun. Odds are also good that you already have 9mm Glock magazines in your personal inventory. Which is a huge plus.