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My P320 Evolution

I ignored the P320 for a long time.  Having shot someone’s stock P320 Compact years ago, I found that it combined the bad from the P229 (high bore axis, bulky weird grip) with the bad from Glock (shit trigger).  That was enough for me to ignore it for several years, while it started to catch on in a big way here in the US.

I really started paying attention again when I saw the potential that the design has.  Using the serialized guts, companies were starting to come out with some awesome gadgets like chassis to make PDW style guns, different slides and frames, things like that.  I realized that it would be a valuable firearm to have, because you could swap the FCU out and make pretty much anything you wanted.  I continued to ignore it, however, as I was happy with my P229 and my M&P 2.0.

Then I got the P365, and immediately swapped out the small frame for the XL frame.  I was convinced, this is an awesome concept.  You can get parts shipped to your door and make whatever the hell you want.  I decided I had to have a P320 as well.

My carry gun:

P365 with Holosun 507K and Surefire XSC Jawbone Tactical

My P320:

P320 X-Carry Slide, Streamlight TLR-7 sub, GrayGuns Trigger and Wilson Combat Grip Jawbone Tactical

I was able to get an old P320 full-size NWTF model, and since I had big plans for it anyway, I didn’t really care about the goofy laser engraving on the slide.  I immediately bought an X-Carry top end and a Wilson Combat grip module to make this little fella:

Also has a GrayGuns flat trigger (a must).  I like short barreled pistols with full size grips.  Don’t ask why, I’m not sure.

I loved this gun.  I shot the hell out of it.  Sig should give up on making frames and just let Wilson Combat take over.  The ergonomics are perfect, and with the GrayGuns trigger and some light trigger work, we’re able to cross 2 bad things off the list.  (High bore-axis being the remaining issue).

Around this time, Sig released the AXG Scorpion and AXG grip module, and I ignored that as well, because I assumed it was going to feel the same as my old P229.  Finally I got my hands on one and realized how wrong I was.  I immediately ordered an AXG Grip module and started tinkering.

The AXG is “Carry” length, so it’s meant for slides with 3.9” barrels.  I had an X-Compact upper, which has a 3.6” barrel…. I also have a mill.

This is the result.  AXG…X?

P320 AXG with X-Carry Slide and GrayGuns Trigger Jawbone Tactical

I started working on a design for a magwell pretty much as soon as I got the AXG frame, and came up with something that I think is ideal for these guns.  It does not protrude from the sides of the frame/grips at all, so for concealed carry it will decrease “printing”.  However, it still has a nice bevel on the underside to help out on your quick reloads/reloads under stress.  The “pinky” section adds just a bit more material to hold onto, so for folks with larger hands, this is a must.

Here are the two modes of my P320:


I took this through an Assault Dynamics (@knockoutlights) day long pistol course.  It functioned flawlessly, and it was a joy to see all the Glock Perfection around me stovepiping and dying.

This is the gun in my nightstand.

Stupid big-

  • Full size slide
  • Grey Ghost barrel
  • Holosun 509T
  • Modlite PL350
  • Suarez Iron Sights (not pictured)
  • Armory Craft recoil tuning kit-lightest spring
  • Jawbone AXG CCW Magwell

Recently finished this one and I’m starting to put it through its paces.  I want to see how well the 12lb spring works as it gets dirtier, and with different ammo.

If you’re on the fence about jumping into the P320, just do it.  If you don’t like how it comes from the factory, you can change it easily.

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