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Two Mods That Make The P320 Not Suck


I’m a big fan of full size 9mm handguns. If it’s a range gun, OWB or an off-body defensive piece I prefer full size. I like the longer sight radius, extra weight, extra grip, extra velocity, higher capacity and less muzzle flip. Full size pistols usually look better to me with full sized lights. If you already own a compact, you might want to add a full size to your inventory. Your mileage may vary.

My current reference standard for a good full size 9mm is the Gen 3 Glock 34. It does lots of things right direct from the factory.

A few months ago @ripandtear_ convinced me to pick up a P320. I was in the market for a full size, non-glock, 9mm service pistol and truth be told the P320 was my last choice. I was leaning M&P 2.0 Spec or CZ P10F, both of which I would have chosen over the P320 Full if it were to stay in OEM form. Having said that with two simple mods the P320 Full Size is quickly becoming one of my favorite 9mm options.

P320 Full with Wilson Combat Carry Grip Module and Aimsurplus Fiber Optic Sights. Jawbone Tactical
P320 Full with Wilson Combat Carry Grip Module and Aimsurplus Fiber Optic Sights. | Jawbone Tactical

Wilson Combat Grip P320 Carry Module

This mod makes the P320 a completely different animal. If you have a P320, this is probably the best $65 you can spend. The OEM Sig grip module my P320 full came with felt like I was pointing a hairdryer. The Wilson grip module fixes that issue.

Wilson Combat P320 Grip Module image from
Wilson Combat P320 Grip Module image from

The Wilson Combat grip module feels like a 1911 overall grip profile if it was made out of polymer and stippled like a custom Glock grip. The front and back textures are the right level of aggressive and the undercut trigger guard makes a big difference. I actually prefer this to a stippled Glock grip and it costs a fraction of the price.

Shooting Sig 320 Full Jawbone Tactical
Shooting Sig 320 Full | Jawbone Tactical

AimSurplus Fiber Optic P320 Sights

I was pretty bummed out when I got my P320 Full and saw the white 3 dot contrast sights. They aren’t the worst on the market by any means but are begging to be changed. Changing sights on most pistols as soon as you get them is pretty normal (I don’t know why Glocks still come with those polymer placeholders) but it’s good to see some solid OEM models coming from the factory. If it had come with the same X Ray night sights as my P365, I’d have kept them.

Aim Surplus P320 Sights
Aim Surplus P320 Sights Image from

AimSurplus offers a solid set of fiber optic P320 sights for $39. These are actually my preference on the P320 because they sit low like the OEM Sig sights. I don’t run an optic with fiber optic sights and prefer the lower profile.

The total cost of this setup was $601 which is cheaper than the Glock (after you install your sights). Time will tell if I end up switching over but this P320 Full setup looks promising.

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