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Wilson Combat P365 XL Grip Module

New Grip On The EDC

Last month Wilson Combat released their P365 Grip Modules. Their P320 grip module is a huge win and my EDC is a P365 with the Sig OEM XL Grip. For $65, I figured why not? Let’s give that a shot.

First Impressions

Truth be told, the Sig OEM P365 XL Grip fits me very well and has served me well for everyday carry. I didn’t feel the change was mandatory like I did with my P320. The Wilson Combat grip module is an upgrade in the looks department.

Wilson Combat P365 XL Grip Module Jawbone Tactical
P365 XL Wilson Combat Grip Module with P365 Slide and 12 Round Magazine – Jawbone Tactical


No Hump

The palm swell is slightly thicker but not by much and the grip angle is more 1911 without the hump in the back strap that the Sig OEM has.


The texture is more aggressive on the front and back straps. I dig that.


Not sure if it’s actually deeper but it feels deeper than the OEM. It also looks a little more pronounced.

P365 XL Wilson Combat Grip Jawbone Tactical


For $65 and quickly shipped/delivered, I like it. If it was more expensive or a custom stipple job I probably wouldn’t have gone for it. There’s nothing wrong with the OEM P365 XL Grip Module but I do prefer the Wilson setup.

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